Wir sind 849 Tage um die Welt gereist (11. Juni 2013 bis 07. Oktober 2015). Unsere letzte Station war Bangkok, Thailand.
Wir reisten 71844 Kilometer durch 26 Länder. Jetzt sind wir wieder in Deutschland und planen unsere naechste Reise.

Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

Impressions of a new chapter

Xin chào everyone!
Here are some pictures from my visa-travel time in Laos and Vietnam in November, and finally from my return to Hanoi...

Buddhist temple in the Old Quarter, Hanoi

A chaos that works...somehow, in mysterious ways...

Street life, Hanoi

Night life, Vientiane:)

World Peace Gong, Vientiane

Patuxai, Vientiane

Street artist, Vientiane

One of the many buddhist temples in the center of Vientiane. I took off my shoes, went inside, sat down for while and was amused by the way the spiritual atmosphere in this holy place was nicely interrupted by the squeaky sound of this little girl's shoes and her shy voice when she tested the microphone that the monks use for their singing ceremonies...

Wat Si Saket and thousands of Buddhas

no comment :)

Elm and me - tired but happy, a few hours before i crossed the China-Vietnam border a second time and left China for good, Kunming

...and so the Hanoi chapter began. Sunset over the Westlake.

My new flatmate friend and great, but partly incredibly annoying companion: "the cat"
 (He still needs a proper name, I didn't like "Ta gueule" that much...) :) 

So far a few impressions from my time in Laos and Vietnam...Soon more, i guess. :)
Bisous and sunny wishes from my terrace in Hanoi! The sun is just about to set and spreads over the city like a warm, shining blanket...feels good! 


1 Kommentar:

  1. Ihr lieben Zwei!
    Mit Freude habe ich wieder die tollen Fotos betrachtet, mit denen Ihr mich anteilnehmen lasst an Eurer tollen Reise! Danke!!!!! Es tut mir gut mal was andres zu sehen, zwischen Lernen, Forschungsarbeit und Präsentation!
    Im übrigen - vielleicht treffe ich heute Abend deinen Bruder, Elmi....mal sehn.
    Euch die herzlichsten Grüße und Wünsche aus Dresden!